Hikari Foods' eco-friendly factory installed the following facilities.

Solar Panel Power Generation System

The roof spaces of factory and parking lot are used for generating clean energy by solar panels.
The generated electric power is used for factory light, sold and saved.

Gas Storage Tank

Stored LP gas is mainly used for boilers and gas heat pump air conditioners. These air conditioners heat and cool by operating compressors with a gas engine instead of an electric motor.
Even in summer when demand for power increases, power consumption can be kept at the same level as winter, equalizing power costs because electric is not used.

Drainage Treatment Facility

The contaminated water in production is biologically filtered by the special hollow fiber membrane and drained after being made cleaner than the Yoshino River nearby.


We make the water used for cleaning bottles and factory lines neutral and reuse it as cooling water being watered by the sprinklers on the roof in order to lower the temperature inside the factory in summer.

LP Gas Boiler

Instead of consuming cheap heavy oil on a general type of boiler, we use eco-friendly clean gas energy emitting less carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxidant and sulfur oxidant which are considered to be the causes of global warming and air pollution. In addition, the introduction of a high-efficiency boiler with a waste heat exchanger realizes a 96% efficiency rate and steam condensed water is collected for energy-saving.

Membrane Degasifier
Chemicals such as boiler compounds are generally used to prevent corrosion inside a boiler, but we introduced a membrane degasifier with the aim of producing additive-free food. Corrosion is caused by oxygen contained in water, but we remove oxygen contained in water by passing it through a membrane rather than using chemicals.

Cooling Tower

A large amount of coolant is constantly required to operate the vacuum concentrator that we use to concentrate tomatoes, etc.
In the cooling tower, we cool coolant that has warmed due to passing through the vacuum concentrator’s heat exchanger. This vastly cuts the amount of used water because of circulation reuse.

Compost Yard

To reduce the quantity of waste to the minimum, we compost the skin of organic vegetables/fruits and sludge accumulated by drainage treatment only by natural energy, not using electric power.