Hikari Foods' eco-friendly factory has the following facilities installed.

Solar Panel Power Generation System / 太陽能發電系統
The roof spaces of the factory and parking lot are used to generate clean energy with solar panels. The generated electric power is used for the factory's lighting or sold, helping us save power.
Gas Storage Tank / 燃氣儲存缸
The stored LP gas is mainly used for the boilers and gas heat pump air conditioners. These air conditioners heat and cool by operating compressors with a gas engine instead of an electric motor. Not using any electricity means that even in summer when demand for power increases, power consumption can be kept at the same level as winter, equalizing power costs.
Drainage Treatment Facility / 污水處理設施
The contaminated water generated from production is filtered biologically by a special hollow fiber membrane, a type also used in water filters. It is then drained after being made even cleaner than the nearby Yoshino River.
Sprinklers / 灑水器
Sprinklers are installed on the factory roofs that sprinkle them with water in summer to lower the temperature inside the factory and reduce power consumption.
LP Gas Boiler / 燃氣鍋爐
Instead of the cheap heavy oil used in general boilers, we use eco-friendly clean gas energy that emits less carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and sulfur oxides, which are said to cause global warming, air pollution, and acid rain.
In addition, we have introduced a high-efficiency boiler that uses a waste heat exchanger to achieve 96% efficiency, and save additional energy by collecting the drain water (condensed from steam).

Membrane Degasifier / 膜除氣裝置
Chemicals such as boiler compounds are generally used to prevent corrosion inside boilers, but we have introduced a membrane degasifier as part of our drive to produce additive-free food. Corrosion is caused by oxygen contained in water. We remove the oxygen by passing the water through a membrane rather than using chemicals.

Cooling Tower / 冷卻水塔
A large amount of coolant is constantly required to operate the vacuum concentrator we use to concentrate tomatoes, etc.
In the cooling tower, we cool the heated coolant that's passed through the vacuum concentrator's heat exchanger, then reuse it. This vastly cuts the amount of water used.
Diesel Engine Power Generator / 柴油引擎發電機
In order to reduce peak power consumption during the summer months, we have introduced a demand control system and diesel engine power generator. The generator is also intended to be used as a power supply in the event of a disaster.
Compost Yard / 堆肥場
To minimize waste, we compost the peel from organic fruits and vegetables and the sludge accumulated from drainage treatment using only natural energy, not electric power.