Food Safety

The Latest Facilities in Our Factory

The production line meets HACCP standard to produce safe and tasty foods. The ceilings and the walls of production room, bottle-cleaning room, filling room, packaging room and storage tank room are all stainless steel. Some rooms are kept positive pressure to prevent insects from entering, and the filling room is furnished as a clean room. Multiple cameras are installed inside factory for food safety.

Vegetable Washing Room

Some raw materials are washed and processed in our factory.

Poduction Room

Equipment such as a liquid downward flow vacuum concentrator was installed to make tomato puree from tomatoes.

Bottle-Cleaning Room

Empty bottles are cleaned and sterilized with hot water only and no chemicals.

Empty Bottle Inspection Machine
We introduced an inspection machine that constantly detects flaws or stains on the upper surface of empty bottles and can store image data on rejected bottles.
Filling Room

Products are filled inside containers in a clean room.

Packaging Room

Labels are attached to the filled containers and they are packed here.