Our Farm

Hikari Foods' Organic Farms

 Japan's agriculture is in crisis. Some of Hikari Foods' contract farmers are also facing problems, such as aging family members.
 Organic JAS-certified fruits and vegetables from Japan are safe, but hard to obtain. In order to ensure their continued supply into the future, we have decided to grow our own organic fruits and vegetables and use them as part of our raw materials. Doing so will provide a reliable means of sourcing them.
 We obtained organic JAS certification for the experimental farms in our factory in 2001, and have grown organic tomatoes, lemons, and yuzu, sudachi, and yuko citruses there.
 Since 2006, we have been borrowing farmland in the prefecture and making further efforts to ensure that organic raw materials are always available.
 With the amount of abandoned farmland increasing, we hope to contribute as much as we possibly can to preserving it as agricultural land, and promoting eco-friendly agriculture.
 We also ask local welfare facilities to assist in farming as part of our efforts to promote cooperation between agriculture and welfare organizations.

Organic Vegetables

Organic Tomatoes / 有機蕃茄
These tomatoes are grown for our products such as Organic Japanese Peeled Tomato and other processed tomato products as well as sauces.

Organic Onions / 有機洋葱
Grown to be used for our sauces, etc.

Organic Carrots / 有機胡蘿蔔
Grown to be used for our sauces, etc.

Other organic vegetables grown on Hikari Foods' farms are organic garlic, organic daikon, organic komatsuna, organic water spinach, organic jute mallow, organic Malabar spinach, organic green shiso, etc.

Organic Fruits

Organic Yuzu / 有機柚子

Organic Lemons / 有機檸檬

We also grow organic sudachi and yuko citruses.