Our Farms

Organic Farms of Hikari Foods

In recent years, the self-sufficiency has been lowered by farmers’ aging and decrease, and our desire is to stop it, spread organic farming widely and grow organic agro-products more stably.
We changed the abandoned farms in Tokushima to our own farms and have been growing organic vegetables/fruits in such farms as certified by organic JAS standards.

Organic Fruit

Organic Yuzu

Organic Lemon

We also grow organic sudachi and yuko citrus.

Organic Vegetables

Organic Tomato
Grown for our 'Organic Japanese Peeled Tomato' and other tomato processed products, sauces.

Organic Onion
Grown for our sauces, etc.

Organic Carrot
Grown for our sauces, etc.

We also grow organic garlic, Japanese radish, Japanese mustard spinach, water convolvulus, nalta jute, Malabar spinach, green perilla, etc.